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Demand for $ 20 billion investment in Hormozgan

Demand for $ 20 billion investment in Hormozgan

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According to the Borna News Agency in Hormozgan, Fereydoun Hemmati, on the sidelines of a visit to the Kish Golden Medicine and Treatment Production Complex, stated: "These requests are in various industrial fields, including steel, refineries, and tourism, and their applicants submit their requests to the executive bodies." Have provided related.

Referring to the location of the year of production, support and dismantling and the need to move in this direction, he added: In this regard, the government's economic team in Hormozgan province regularly visits various units and factories and their problems are raised in support working groups. It is possible to achieve the slogan of the year by presenting a solution and team movement in the true sense of the word.

The governor of Hormozgan added: in free trade and special economic zones, east and west and the province, big projects are being prepared for operation and start of executive operations so that we can take another step in realizing this slogan.

He reminded: We also ask entrepreneurs, investment managers of free trade and special economic zones to refer the problems that cannot be solved in these zones to the province in order to help solve their challenges in the form of legal working groups and large supports. Be.

Referring to his visit to the Kish Golden Medicine and Treatment Production Complex, Hemmati said: "This complex is one of the abandoned units of the island, and the new investor is activating it in the field of producing specialized, sub-specialized and general medical equipment."

He said: "It is expected that with the launch of this factory, the country's need to supply some subspecialty goods will be met and the government in the province will provide the necessary support to receive facilities and continue the production path."

The managing director of Kish Golden Medicine and Treatment Production Complex also said in this visit: This unit will be built on a land with an area of ​​6,500 square meters with 1,500 square meters of infrastructure in three stages and 10 thousand billion Rials to complete all its stages. Is valid.

Sajjad Khosravi Nejad stated that the first phase of this project will start with 180 billion Rials of credit and will be put into operation in the last few months with a horizon of 100 employees: the project in the first phase is 1,500 billion Rials and in general (phase First to third) requires five thousand billion rials in bank facilities.

He added: "With the completion of all three phases of the project, it will directly create jobs for 500 people, and in addition, it will prevent the outflow of 10 to 15 million dollars a year and will generate 20 million dollars through foreign exchange exports."

Brain surgery head, skull clamps, head support base, all kinds of injection sets, all kinds of breathing tubes, examination gloves and surgery will be among the products of this factory after opening.

At present, in addition to commercial and service centers, about 340 industrial units and industrial services with a volume of investment of 10,593 billion rials and $ 534 million in various fields, including products "plastic products, medical equipment, wood products, packaging" Food and cosmetics products are active in this area and 5,567 people are employed in these units.


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