Monday, March 27, 2023

Free Zones

three more free industry and trade zones have received government's authorization and approval. Kish and Qeshm free zones are active and have lots of commercial and economic projects.
In Jask free zone, fourteen great investment plans and development projects of oil, gas, steel, and port are proposed and they are seriously followed up by the province's officials.
A. Qeshm Free Zone
Today, Qeshm free zone is one of the best locations in the premise of Persian Gulf to attract investments. Special rules and regulations and all necessary infrastructures exist on an island with an area of 1,500 km2 where it can make any economic activity possible. Thanks to the efforts of officials and concerned authorities, more than ten institutions of higher education and skilled workers training schools have been established. Nature and environmental potentials have favored this island to duly accommodate technologically advanced factories or any sort of light and heavy industries. Taking all these features into consideration, the success of any business venture and investment is guaranteed.    
Qeshm Strategic position and the anticipation of linking the island to the whole country through special zone (located in Shahid Rajaee port in Bandar Abbas) can delineate a bright future for the region. When Qeshm Island is connected to Iranian market, it provides easier access for almost 300 millions of Iranians, CIS countries and the other neighboring countries to international markets. Moreover, this zone can be an ideal place for businesspeople and distributors of goods.
Advantages of Investment in Qeshm Free Zone

  • 15-year tax exemption effective from the start date of any economic activity.
  • Free and limitless parternship for international investmets.
  • Manufacturers are exempted from payment of any customs duties and commercial interest for their importation of raw materials, machinaries, and spare parts.
  • The possibility of the entry of products made inside the Qeshm free zone into Iran market with added value.
  • Instant issuance of entry visa for foreigners at Qeshm Airport.
  • Complete guarantee of foreign investment    
  • Complete freedom in arrival and withdrawal of investments.
  • Possibility of selling and  leasing plots of  land to domestic investors and leasing plots of  land to foreign investors.
  • Creating appropriate ambience for foreign and domestic bankers.
  • Easy and proper rules and regulations for workforce.

B. Kish Free Zone
Kish Island with the area of 91 km2 is one of the most beautiful Persian Gulf islands which is located 18 km south of Iran. The sea distance of Kish Island is 300 km from Bandar Abbas and 200 km to Dubai. The natural properties, beautiful coral beaches and its strategic location in Persian Gulf have made this island of significant importance.
Advantages of Investing in Kish Free Zone

  • Importing raw materials, machineries, and parts required by factories without customs and port fees
  • Exporting products without customs and port fees
  • Sending products to different parts of the country based on added value rule.
  • Easy and cheap access to the region and world markets through Dubai free zone
  • The possibility of transiting goods to Middle East and neighboring countries
  • Availability of inexpensive labor forces such as Indian, Chinese, Filipino, etc.
  • Proper facilities and infrastructure in industrial zones
  • Docks with the capacity of berthing vessels of 10 thousand tons volume that can be increased to 35 thousand tons in the future development plan.
  • Conducting frequent international exhibitions to introduce different products with lower cost.
  • 20-year tax exemption for all activities in all fields.
  • The possibility of partnership with foreign investors without limits in terms of the percentage of their shares and the possibility of 100% foreign investment.
  • Free withdrawal of the original capital and the profit from economic activities.
  • Unlimited transfer of foreign currency to abroad.
  • Warehouses, commercial freezer rooms, and proper capacity for maintaining and preserving goods built in recent years.
  • Universities and educational institutions of applied sciences to train skilled workers
  • Developing activities of universities and educational institutions in international levels.
  • Sense of integrity, work efficiency, the least bureaucracy and coordination are prevalent among local organizations.  
  • The process of decision making and all managerial and executive issues are done and supervised by Kish free zone organization.
  • Banking and monetary services by governmental, private, and foreign banks
  • Having ideal location and being adjacent to the regions with oil-rich fields like Assaluyeh (South Pars project) have made an inevitably significant role of Kish Island to support and provide technical and engineering services.
  • No visa required for foreigners.
  • Foreign investors can get long term rents for lands with affordable prices and can claim ownership of the building and facilities constructed on the land.

Jask Free Zone
Fourteen large investment and development projects of oil, gas, steel, and port have been proposed and are to be followed up.

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